Big Boob Photos » May 2003 Voluptuous

May 2003 Voluptuous

"Girls have always hated me because I have huge, firm tits and I'm nice to guys," said newcomer Billie Hart. "I wasn't a slut in high school, but I fucked everybody I dated. I ran track until my tits got too big, and I was a cheerleader, too, but my tits got too big and the other small-busted cheerleaders ran me out." With these words, Billie reveals that she is another victim of big-boob prejudice in America. Why are these girls treated this way? Just because they have natural chestal gifts? It's sickening. "Guys always ask me to flash my tits," she said. "I hate that! Guys love me, but I noticed the guys with girlfriends stay away from me. Their girlfriends don't want them staring at my tits." It's a good thing our photographer asked Billie to flash her tits. Otherwise we'd be standing here with our peckers in our hands.
Featuring: Billie Hart
Duration: 30
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