Big Boob Photos » November 2005 Voluptuous

November 2005 Voluptuous

The girl from Pole-Land is sporting dramatic Cleopatra eyeliner in these new pictures, taken at our London studio. She hasn't settled down yet with one guy, prefering to play the field. It's a big field to play for a girl who looks like she does, and Bianka hasn't met Mr. Right. She watches Hollywood chick flicks and hopes to find someone like the movie actresses she identifies with (Brittany Murphy, Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger). Her favorite way to spend the evening is dancing at the newest and hottest clubs she and her friends can find. "I love American movies," Bianka said. "I would love to visit America but it is very difficult for many Poles to get visas to the U.S. The Polish government is trying to correct this, but nothing has changed. Maybe one day." .
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