Big Boob Photos » January 2000 Voluptuous

January 2000 Voluptuous

April 99's "Plumper of the Month" Bev returns with renewed confidence and assurance. She's also 3 lbs heavier (now hitting the scale at 165 lbs) yet looks trimmer than in her original pictorial. Her current measurements are 48-37-42 and only the best manufactured bras in the UK can survive the gravitational onslaught of those massive 42E cups. She's now 32, born May 14, 1967, and first decided to pose nude to show her now ex-husband that she had the goods that men wanted to see. "My husband said I was too fat. That no man would be interested in me because of my weight. Well, I have shown him wrong," Bev told our editor while he reached for a tissue (to wipe the tears from his watery eyes). Well, you sure did, Bev, and right now your sorry-ass ex is choking the chicken over your pictures. Bev lives in Nottingham and works in an office as an administrative assistant. Which leads us to the unanswered question of why every Englishwoman who works as an administrative assistant or executive secretary has gigantic breasts.
Featuring: Beverly
Duration: 20
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