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Beethany At The Beach

It's summertime. To many that translates into baseball and barbecues, but for big bust addicts, summer means a lot more. It means the beach and we all know what happens there. Titties..BIG ONES..bursting out of skimpy bikinis, begging for the sun's attention and getting every man's! But, the next time you hit the beach, take a good look around. If you can find titties bouncing on a bod like this, call us..COLLECT! Chances are you can't, and that's why we've brought you Bethany Bustin. The first thing you notice about Bethany is the body..especially those tremendous titties! But we couldn't help but fixate on her great tan lines. A rarity for models, most of whom proudly sunbathe in the buff, Bethany actually prefers a suit. "Nudity is a private thing," says Bethany. "I know, that sounds strange coming from an exotic dancer, but sex and nudity have a time and a place. I'd feel awkward sunbathing topless in a public's just not right." Keep the lines Bethany, they suit you.
Featuring: Bethany Bustin
Duration: 14
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