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Dancer Of The Month

Speaking of newcomers, here comes a housedancer-s first time. We found her up in Cape Canaveral, Florida, said those magic words, "You wanna be in SCORE?", and got the answer we wanted, "I'd do anything to be in SCORE!" Here she is, and here's a funny, but very true, anecdote about Becky Johnson. A reader just wrote into the SCORECARD and told us that, while at the Kennedy Space Center on vacation with his family, he was videotaping away and he saw her, "The most beautiful woman I've every seen! So voluptuous! So gorgeous! So busty!" The writer, a SCORE subscriber, videotaped her the whole time, an hour of watching her look at all of that Space Shuttle stuff. Then, in passing, introduced himself and got her name. It was Becky Johnson. He wrote us saying, "I've been jerking off to her on my videotape when my wife isn't around ever since I saw her! You gotta get up to Canaveral and find this girl and get her in the magazine!" SCORE-men,we already have! And the Oct. '98 SCORE is her debut! .
Featuring: Becky Johnson
Duration: 19
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