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Voluptuous May 2006

Despite receiving some mail questioning Merilyn's entry in the Voluptuous category because she's so slim all over, except in the bra department, Bea won Newcomer of the Year by a voting margin so thin, you could have slipped it under a door. Was the voting so close because Merilyn does the kind of sexplicit posing that Bea doesn't do? It's difficult to answer without enough feedback such as these comments: "Though I'm a fan of Samantha Kay, I'll have to go with Bea Flora. You can't take a bad photo of her. She's stunning, with a great body and a set of tits that just says 'Oh my God!!' (Leigh) "Bea Flora, because she's ridiculously hot and has amazing boobs." (Johnathan) "Newcomer of the Year is Bea Flora. Total Dime Piece aka a 10!" (Richard) .
Featuring: Bea Flora
Duration: 60
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