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Featuring: Barbie Kelley
Date: November 6th, 2012
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Barbie Kelley's enthusiasm over her hub's favorite magazines spilled over to actually becoming one of SCORELAND's models and in hardcore XXX with pro-studs yet! Now that's a generous man to his fellow Boob Brothers. How many would do that? That calls for a survey. We did one a few years ago that asked "If your girlfriend (or wife) was asked to model nude, professionally, what would your reaction be? 47% said she can model if she wants to,18% objected to the idea of her modeling and 34% encourage her to try it. This poll would ask your reaction if she wanted to try a XXX scene with a guy. Let's check out Barbie in this more casual solo photo shoot. It's nice to have a busty wife around the house. "You'll be lucky to find me wearing any clothes around the house," says Barbie. "I am a very sexual being. I enjoy sex seven to eight times a week. My favorite sex position is whichever position is driving us to the brink.

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April 09, 2016
Beautiful and sexy...I envy her husband.
November 07, 2012
omg -- i shot my wad halfway through the set
omg -- i shot my wad halfway thru the set!
November 07, 2012
She is a fantastic new find!!
November 07, 2012
I am a huge Barbie Kelley fan. I am really attracted to this woman. She gets my vote for most edible pussy.
November 06, 2012
She is so beautiful. Her husband is one lucky man. I want to cum every time I see her delicious belly button...

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