Big Boob Photos » March 2005 Voluptuous

March 2005 Voluptuous

SCORE: Would you describe yourself as a woman who has to have sex? Autumn-Jade: Definitely. I wouldn't be the same without it. SCORE: How often do you like it? Autumn-Jade: At times, twice a day. At times, five times a week. It just depends on how I feel. SCORE: Are you a woman who has an orgasm everytime you have sex? Autumn-Jade: If he's good. SCORE: Do you have to have an orgasm for sex to be good? Autumn-Jade: Yes. I have to get off. It's not over until it¹s over. SCORE: How about oral sex, is that something you enjoy both ways? Autumn-Jade: Yes, I love it.
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Duration: 40
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