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Score September 2004

When it comes to erector sets, Autumn is your preferred contractor in a spread that has everyone drooling like dogs, even though she's not a Teamster. Ever seen a construction worker fill a hard hat like this in real life? Not just another busty model dressed up like a construction worker, but a real life blue collar babe packing serious boobage. We'll bet that you haven't and you'd have to prove you did with hard evidence. In fact, construction workers live to see women like Autumn walk by their lots so they can stop work and start screaming. Unfortunately, there are very few women in the world built like Autumn, to our despair. Autumn: I'm so top-heavy that sometimes I'll almost topple over. SCORE: Do you ever wear bras that strap in the front? Autumn: No. They don't support my boobs too well. SCORE: Do you have a hard time finding bras? Autumn: Yes, I do. Very hard.
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Duration: 40

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2 years ago 
She can fill my plumbing anytime
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