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July 2003 Score - Xxx Diner

It was a slow day at Autumn's Cafe. The customers were just not coming in, and poor Autumn-Jade didn't know what to do. She thought about closing up early and going home. She could shower and plug her pussy all night. The sleazy drifter didn't expect a boob-plate special when he walked into Autumn's Cafe. "Ma'am, I've never seen a waitress wearing platform high heels before. This is my kinda joint," the drifter mumbled to Autumn-Jade, eyeing her up and down like she was on the menu herself. "What kinda pie you got here, ma'am? You got juicy pie?" Said Autumn, "Just what do you mean, stranger? I've got the best pie in this whole darn county! Don't you read SCORE magazine?" Autumn didn't miss a beat. She'd met characters like this guy before, and she could handle them, no sweat. "Jack your stiff hog and I'll show you my boobs." Autumn said.
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Duration: 30

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4 years ago 
Autumn Jade is the hottest model ever to appear on SCORE!!!
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