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Holiday 2002 Voluptuous

This is nice. Autumn's stuffed her award winning body back into a bratty schoolgirl costume. Shades of Bosom Buddies 2. Another mega-major contender for V-Mag Model of the Year. You knew this contest was going to be brutal, didn't you? If you haven't voted, vote! AUTUMN: I think I was about 14 years old when I started developing. And they were really big then because I had a lot of baby fat. V-Mag: Did they just pop-up overnight? AUTUMN: One summer actually. When I went back to school everybody thought I was stuffing my bra because I was flat the year before and huge the next. V-Mag: So you went from what, an A to a D? AUTUMN: I was like a B-cup, then I went to like a DD in high school. V-Mag: So you were a DD at 13-years-old? AUTUMN: I think I might have been 14.
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Duration: 30

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3 years ago 
She's looks awesome in pigtails!
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