Big Boob Photos » March 2002 Voluptuous

March 2002 Voluptuous

So you want to be a SCORE Group photographer and shoot the girls with the big swingers? Take this simple quiz to see if you have the right stuff. One shoot has ended. The model is now in the dressing room and getting a change of wardrobe and her make-up adjusted. You now take the opportunity to: A) Race to the men's room and whack-off. B) Get your lights set up for the next set. C) Lean against the wall like Johnny Cool and talk to the model while she's dressing. And the answer is B. Writes C.B., veteran V-Guy: "Autumn's Growth! She has always been one of my favorites but she is even better now. I think all around she looks better then she ever has. I also think she looks happier then she ever has looked which is a good thing." More comments: "Please pass on my enthusiastic two thumbs up for Autumn's new bustier appearance.
Featuring: Autumn-Jade
Duration: 21
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