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July 2003 Voluptuous

V-Mag: What attracts you to the law enforcement field? Isn't modeling more lucrative and a lot safer? Audra: I've just always seen myself doing something like that since I can remember. It interests me, and I want something that will keep me interested and wanting to go to work in the morning. I think it will do that for me. Modeling isn't forever. Bodies change and so do people. I don't want to be a nude model when I have kids. V-Mag: Do you read true crime books and watch real crime TV shows and movies? Which ones do you like to watch? Audra: My favorite show is the Law and Order series, and Oz on HBO. With Law and Order, it shows to some degree how some people get off. V-Mag: Are there any fictional detective characters you like? Audra: My favorite novels are by Dean Koontz. It's fictional horror and keeps me reading till the end.
Featuring: Audra Mitchell
Duration: 30
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