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January 2003 Score

Audra Mitchell more than fulfills the everpresent busty schoolgirl fantasy mainly because A) she's still young and cuddly enough to pull it off. B) She is a schoolgirl. The shoes could have been a little nympho-hotter than chunky Oxfords, (platform heels over little socks would have fit the bill) but, hey, the rest of the outfit works fine. Now we know damned well that Audra doesn't go to class dressed like this, but we can daydream that she does. And as long as everyone is daydreaming and zoning out about Audra, we might as well fantasize that Audra is in the study lounge dressed like this, chest yearning to pop her blouse buttons 15 feet away. She's sitting in one of the lounge's big easy chairs with a huge book on her lap, trying to cram for tomorrow afternoon's exam for her class in "Ethical and Moral Issues in Criminal Justice." Audra's right hand is hidden under her book. Her arm is slowly moving back and forth in a pistoning motion. Her tongue is protruding a bit through slightly opened, moist lips. Her almond shaped eyes have a glazed far-away look. Must be an interesting textbook.
Featuring: Audra Mitchell
Duration: 30
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