Big Boob Photos » January 2002 Voluptuous

January 2002 Voluptuous

A major favorite in SCORE, Voluptuous and on SCORELAND.COM, Audra may be packing up her sexy bras and heels and dildo, and moving on to complete her college degree, and from there, a planned career in criminal justice. That's the signs we're getting from this adorable bra-smasher. What would be criminal would be Audra no longer showing those fantastic tits and beautiful pussy. But, hey, we've seen it before with such college cuties as Carrie Lynn, Heather Michaels and Lisa Marie Greener, and we'll see it again in the future. So the best thing to do right now is to simply enjoy Audra here in her latest while she's still modeling, and to try not stress over it. If she does get into police work after graduation, she'd be fantastic undercover as a stripper or a hooker while setting up the bad guys for a fall. Just like Angie Dickinson on Policewoman. Then she could bust 'em left and right because a guy would have to be seriously warped not to make a play for Audra. Who could resist her? It would be worth ten years in the clink. Unless you wound up with a cell mate named Peter The Greek.
Featuring: Audra Mitchell
Duration: 35
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