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October 2001 Score

SCORE: Audra, I guess we should start with the basics. So, what brands of bras do you buy, and where do you buy them? Audra: I buy bras from Victoria's Secret, mostly. I like to own pretty bras and VS are the only ones that seem to make any in my size. Well, not really, I can just sort of stuff myself into them easier. SCORE: What style of bras do you like? Audra: I like bras that allow my cleavage to show, and sort of spill over the top a little. SCORE: Complete this sentence: "Guys say they love" Audra: Guys say they love my eyes and, of course, my breasts best. SCORE: Here's our typical guy question. How important is cock size to you? Are bigger guys better? Audra: Cock size is not too important to me. It is really how he uses it. A way above average sized guy is sometimes too much for me.
Featuring: Audra Mitchell
Duration: 25

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1 year ago 
I love Audra. And I swear, she was on The Price is Right back in 03-04. She was flirty with Drew.
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