Big Boob Photos » August 2005 Voluptuous

August 2005 Voluptuous

V-Mag: How do you rate your sex drive compared to other girls? Aspen: Very high. I like a lot of sex. V-Mag: Where do you like a guy to come? Aspen: Inside me. I love feeling a throbbing cock in me. V-Mag: Have you gotten together with girlfriends and described your hottest sexual encounters and the guys with the biggest cocks? Aspen: Of course. I have learned a lot from my girlfriends. V-Mag: Any interest in sex with a busty woman? Aspen: I've thought about it and it is something that I would like to try with the right woman. V-Mag: Do you use toys at home? Aspen: Yes, I love using toys. V-Mag: What kind do you own? Aspen: Vibrators. I love that feeling.
Featuring: Aspen
Duration: 40
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