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Hardcore Special

Featuring: Aspen
Date: September 8th, 2007
Photos: 62
Voluptuous: Aspen, Do you like going to adult stores? Aspen: Yes, of course. I usually look at the toys, lotions and oils. Voluptuous: Do you go alone or with a male friend? Aspen: Both, it depends on why I'm going. Sometimes just to look, sometimes to buy. Voluptuous: Have you gone on blind dates? Aspen: Yes, a couple. They were actually nice guys. Voluptuous: Would you go on a TV show like Blind Date? Aspen: Yeah, I think it would be fun. Voluptuous: Women tend to want to be friends with a nice guy and fuck the jerk. Should a nice guy pretend to be an asshole to attract women? Aspen: Little girls want to fuck the jerk. Real women prefer a man who is as interested in giving pleasure as he is in getting it.

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