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Handle With Care

Featuring Ariana Angel
Date September 4th, 2009
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Like the rest of us, N.W. was happy when Ariana Angel flew in and offered her heavenly hooters, earning her wings with the Boob Brotherhood. "It's a good sign when a model makes both SCORE and V-Mag covers the same month so I'm hoping she will be back real soon!" wrote N.W. to SCORECard "If only I lived in Holland." The Amsterdam record promoter, music student, journalist and "international party girl" specializes in the hardcore punk scene. She's been keeping her fans abreast of her magazine appearances, her first, and we're sure they're happy about that. She travels all over the world, going to punk rock clubs and concerts. One day Vegas, then Boston, another day New York, then Belgium and many other stops in Europe. She's non-stop motion. Ariana says she's sexually passive at first but if she's into someone, she gets sexually aggressive. "An emotional and a sexual connection satisfy me.

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