SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
Interview With April McKenzie
The April McKenzie Interview Published in December '08 Voluptuous Interview conducted by Gary Phillips and Elliot James
V-MAG: Welcome, April. Did we find you, or did you find us? APRIL: I sent in my photos to the studio manager.
V-MAG: How did you know about us? APRIL: Someone told me about you, a good friend. Then I did some research and looked into it for myself.
V-MAG: Did you look us up on the Internet? APRIL: Yes, I did.
V-MAG: Before you found us on the Internet, did you know about our magazines and videos? APRIL: No, I never knew before then.
V-MAG: Did you know that there were magazines for guys who like big-breasted women? APRIL: No, I didn't know about Voluptuous or any others, either.
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