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Holiday 2002 Score Xtra

SCORE: When were you a D-cup? Annie: I was a D-cup by my freshman year of high school. SCORE: So when you were 14.. Annie: I was a D-cup, going into a double-D, and then a triple-D by my senior year of high school. SCORE: So you were the bustiest girl in your entire high school? Annie: Yes. And in high school, you have dress codes, and if I wore a little tank top, and another, we'll say flat-chested girl, was to wear it, teachers wouldn't say anything to her, but they would say something to me. I got detentions because of the clothes I wore. I got suspended. I was sent home. SCORE: For wearing exactly the same clothes as the other girls? Annie: Wearing the same clothes as the other girls, but because I fit in them differently, I got in trouble. SCORE: So there is a boob prejudice in American high schools.
Featuring: Annie Swanson
Duration: 30
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