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New Discovery

Cuming our way in September 2002 Voluptuous and November 2002 SCORE, the first stop for Anne (Annie) Swanson is SCORELAND. How did we find Anne? Glad you asked. One of the best ways. Her guy is a SCORE and Voluptuous reader living in the great state of New Jersey, and, having a sweet, kind, sexy and tolerant girlfriend, he's allowed to keep his mags around the house, unlike the rest of us who have to hide them. In fact, he did hide them, but Anne found them one day while cleaning house (like a good girlfriend) and began reading them herself instead of getting steamed. Our bud then slowly built up the courage and asked if Anne would be interested in taking a few snaps and sending them to Miami. The treasured letter arrived in our daily snail-mail bag: "Dear SCORE, My boyfriend buys your magazines every month. I've looked at them with him, and I think I'm just as pretty and busty as any of those girls. I would love to pose for you, so I'm sending you a few pictures of me. If you're interested, please contact me.
Featuring: Annie Swanson
Duration: 34
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