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Annie Swanson & Ana

"I've got real sensitive nipples," pretty Annie Swanson told SCORELAND. "I like 'em licked. I don't like 'em sucked too much because you really can't feel that. I don't like 'em pinched really hard. Guys get a little carried away. They think because they're big they can do more with 'em, that they can be rougher with 'em. But they're just as sensitive and tender as little boobs." In chapter two of Ultimate Annie Swanson, Annie meets with her employment agent and he sets her up with another job managing a ladies' clothing store. The webcamming didn't exactly suit Annie last time. Maybe job number two will be better. Ana walks in the store and browses the racks while Annie browses Ana's rack.
Featuring: Ana and Annie Swanson
Date: May 11th, 2015
Duration: 77

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2 years ago 
Ana is fabulous, sexy as hell.
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