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Ultimate Annie Swanson

Featuring Ana and Annie Swanson
Date December 8th, 2008
Photos 100
The best part about Annie Swanson, as a retail store manager of the Chic Boutique, is that Annie thinks like a breast-man would think. When she sees a hot chick looking at racks of clothes, Annie checks her out, and while the girl is explaining what she's looking for, the only thing Annie is thinking about, is doing her right there. Annie finds three outfits she thinks the hot chick, Ana, would like. They quickly discover that they're both more interested in each other's bodies than in Ana buying clothing or Annie selling them. Annie puts a closed sign on the window, locks the doors, draws the blinds and the girls start their breast party off by sucking and licking their nipples. This pictorial is different than the video scene, in Ultimate Annie Swanson, in some respects. Annie and Ana don't look into the camera in the video, as they do in the pictures. They fool around in the store itself in the photos, while in the video they get down on a couch in the dressing room, after Annie spies on Ana trying on clothing. The double-headed danger and the strap-on only appear in the the video, they use a regular-sized cock-shaped vibrator on each other. After they share the long dong between their legs, while on their backs and then on their knees, Ana puts on the strap-on and sticks it into Annie from behind.

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