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Buxotica: Cherry And Annie

Featuring Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady
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Annie Swanson models a variety of sexy outfits, the hottest-looking would appear to be the unique-looking butterfly thingie. "There are times where people make amazing comments, where they say really nice things like, 'Wow, you look great,'" Annie said. "You know, not anything that pertains to my boobs. A lot of the time people are in awe, where they can't say anything, where they're just like, 'Omigod.'That's what I get a lot. 'Omigod.' And 'Wow!'" No surprises there. It's deep cleavage time with Cherry Brady. "A lot of times guys walk by and say, 'Nice tits,' underneath their breath. Every single person I walk past will look at my tits. Some guys walk by and say, 'Nice tits,' or they'll look at you, but as far as getting up the gumption to ask me out or say something to me that's actually not work related, they just don't. They're happy to look at me, but they never come up to me.

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