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Score March 2006

Angela wants a job in one of Australia's new Hooters restaurants opening up in Sydney. She wants to proudly wear their distinctive tank-top and booty shorts. (Hooters actually opened and quickly closed in New South Wales, Australia a few years ago. A new company now has the franchise.) As we all know, Hooters was inspired by the owl, even though they serve chicken wings. Obviously, any connection to female boobs is shaky at best. How many beers would you order from this girl until you blacked out in an alcoholic coma? SCORE: Why do you want to be a Hooters girl? Angela: I've wanted to be a Hooters Girl since I was 12 years old. I thought having cute girls in next-to-nothing serving beer and wings was the coolest concept ever! When my family and I came on a holiday to America in 1999, I made them go to Hooters with me. I remember chucking an absolute fit over it because they weren't too keen, I said that 'There was no way I was coming all the way to America and not going to Hooters!' So after I chucked a tantrum and got my way we went to the Las Olas Riverfront restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and I bought my first Hooters tank top, which I still have. I buy a tank-top from every one I visit and I keep them all! I guess I wanna be a Hooters Girl because it would be a fun environment to work in - I love the food and I'd get to be around cute women. The only thing better would be if you guys came out with a chain of restaurants called SCORE where all the women actually had big tits and they served all the food butt naked! .
Featuring: Angela White
Duration: 40

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