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Voluptuous March 2004

"I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I went backpacking through Europe and to get some extra cash for my travels I posed at your office in London," says Angela. "Then I ended up meeting Linsey Dawn in some flash nightclub and she invited me and my friend to her house for a party. Her house was a bloody mansion! I don't know whether it's like that in real life but in my dream it was huge." Helluva dream there, Angie, now making her fourth appearance in quick time. "I'm really digging this attention, I've never experienced anything like it before! But I'm noticing that more and more women are begining to hate me. Most of them don't know about the mags but they still treat me so badly. Just because I have big tits, they are horrible to me." Well, that's another example of boob prejudice, this time in Australia. We tell you this medieval practice has got to be stopped. Big tits must be looked upon as objects of joy, not targets of ridicule by the ignorant. Only by worldwide boob education and understanding with copies of Voluptuous and SCORE (and memberships to SCORELAND) can this enlightening process be quickened. Won't you help? .
Featuring: Angela White
Duration: 40
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