SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
Interview With Angel Gee
The Angel Gee Interview Originally Published in August '09 SCORE Conducted by Elliot James
SCORE: Hi Angel, how did you find out about SCORE? ANGEL: I heard about it a long time ago from a photographer I used to know, and he tried to get me into the magazine, but I guess my boobs weren't big enough when he sent them in, so then I got bigger and I found SCORE again on CraigsList.
SCORE: Had you been looking at SCORE? ANGEL: I'd seen it and heard about it. I used to work in an adult store, so I'd seen it around and it was pretty interesting.
SCORE: So you're really into big boobs. ANGEL: Yeah! They look good.
SCORE: We have you as a 36F. ANGEL: Actually I'm 42 around and a double-D, but it's hard to say because everything fits different so you can't really put a number on them.
SCORE: And you're five-feet tall. ANGEL: Yes. I'm little! In some spots.
SCORE: And you're 124 pounds. ANGEL: Yes.
SCORE: How did you enjoy your modeling experience here at SCORE? ANGEL: I absolutely loved it.
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