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Anastasia In The Bathroom

So you want to be a SCORE Group photographer and shoot the girls with the big swingers? Take this simple quiz to see if you have the right stuff. To get a model to do the poses you want, you should: A) Position her boobs, ass and legs with your sweaty hands until you are satisfied with each pose and use your fingers to show her how to use her own fingers to open her pussy lips. B) Go over photos or videos, explain verbally in a clear manner, and also use your own body to demonstrate. C) Scream and curse at her at the top of your lungs so she will clearly understand what you want her to do. And the correct answer is B. Anastasia is this issue's big'un of the month. The brunette buster was born in Klaipeda, Latvia and was discovered working as a barmaid in Prague, Czech Republic by one of our regular lenscrafters during a model search trip. She's 22 years-old, born September, 23, 1979, and had never modeled professionally, nor even thought of it. She's 5'5" tall, weighs 161 whopping lbs. and measures 46-26-36.
Featuring: Anastasia
Duration: 30
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