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Living Doll

Featuring: Anastasia Doll
Date: January 4th, 2018
Photos: 80
Anastasia Doll always dresses sexy no matter what she's doing or where she's going. She always wants to look her hottest. Tight dresses, short-shorts to show off her spectacular ass, tight tank and halter tops to show off her big tits and the highest heels to arch her back, thrust her chest and pelvis forward and stick her booty out. "I enjoy being the perfect doll with big boobs and a big ass," Anastasia said in her sexy French-accented English, a voice dripping with eroticism. "When I go out, I wear small, very tight tops because I want people to look at me. I see their eyes widen when they look at me and I love that. I am very proud of my body and I like to draw attention to myself. I love being a model and taking pictures so I can share myself and give men pleasure." .

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January 04, 2018
Anastasia No# 1

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