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Meet Anastasia

Anastasia Blake checked out and sent her pictures in for evaluation. She's from Ohio, works as a technician and is new to modeling. Her hobbies are reading fiction and playing with her Wii. For her first pictorial and video in Voluptuous, Anastasia will be playing with a different kind of X box. About the subject of rubbing one out, Anastasia says, "Doesn't everybody masturbate? The details depend on how horny I am. When I'm really horny, I massage my breasts and pinch and pull on my nipples until they are really hard. Then I run my hands down the front of my body and rub my clit with my fingers. Once I'm really wet, I use the big guy which will usually make me cum within a minute or two. Sometimes I keep going for a couple more orgasms and sometimes I'm satisfied with one." Anastasia demonstrates with a huge toy courtesy of kindly old Doc Johnson. Next up: the Voluptuous Theater video.
Featuring: Anastasia Blake
Date: March 10th, 2011
Duration: 100

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11 months ago 
Dear Score this photo update is done with the inclusion of 3 images full nude standing up straight and almost 3 standing up straight clothed images, notice how beautiful are the images 059 and 061 is the FULL COMPLETE BODY NUDE WITH BOOBS HANGING FREE without the covering of hands or anything, is just the glorious ENTIRE BODY SHOT, the one that we are asking you to please include always on every photo session at least 1 pic, there are always tons of any other possible angle camera angle shot but this kind is very very rare, please can you tell camera-crew to always include this kind of FULL BODY SHOT, otherwise it will become extinct, this kind of complete body shot I believe is the BEST way to capture a model's body proportions, also on video can you tell them to dedicate at least some 15 seconds to record model's full body not only placing camera too low which is when they use the famous "FROM BELOW BOOBS SHOT" please we have plenty shots like that but notice that a FULL COMPLETE BODY SHOT ON VIDEO IS EVEN MORE DIFFICULT TO GET SINCE CAMERA-CREW does only record model from super close to her and only using a camera placed too low, please tell them we need to see the whole body of a model and from a normal camera height position NOT ONLY USING THE FROM BELOW CAMERA SHOT, THANKS I HOPE THAT CAN BE FIX SOON, is not fair for members like me who wants to admire the WHOLE BODY of a model, is not fair to only record a model with 95% of footage done ONLY using a camera placed "FROM BELOW BOOBS" and ONLY CAM TOO CLOSE too her and never showing the whole body, never stepping back from being too close to model to finally record her entire body either walking, changing bras, talking, etc. THANKS AGAIN....
1 year ago 
Wow!! Awesome girl next door... Got me ROCK HARD instantly!!!!
3 years ago 
more this big tits nice job
6 years ago 
You didn't have to add a thing to Anastasia Blake! But the "cream-pie" shots will keep me cumming back for MORE!!SCORE, you never cease to amaze me!!!
6 years ago 
WOWWW!!! She has starred in my dreams for the last fifty years!!! PLEASE give us LOTS MORE OF ANASTASIA BLAKE! We will be eternally grateful!!!
7 years ago 
Great set. Anastasia is just splendid. I hope to see more of her in the future. Thanks, Scoreland.
7 years ago 
She is truly beautiful More of her please
7 years ago 
I love this chic!!! Bring her back for more!
7 years ago 
What a hot little number she is!
7 years ago 
A Great new addition - a sweet-looking young woman who is a Real Woman! What a body!
7 years ago 
Great find and very nice set. I love the creamy climax. Anastasia has a well proportioned body with a cute cameltoe and muffin top. I'd love to see her with a patch of natural hair above her cameltoe.
7 years ago 
DAMN !!! what a gorgeous woman, love her nice hangers and big nipples, hope to see more of her including a video
7 years ago 
Good looking women. Hope to see more of her.
7 years ago 
Wow! What a body! Sexy face, nice smile! Score does it again!
7 years ago 
Nice find. Wow, no tattoos. It's great to see a nice Big Boob Vixen with 100% skin, and no graffiti clouding up her voluptuous Body.
More of Anastasia Please. She's a hot girl next door that can fulfill my fantasies.
7 years ago 
Well scoreland u out did urselves with this one.She is totally
amazing cant wait for the video.
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