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New Discovery

Anastaisa works as a barista, an Italian word for coffee maker. We're positive she has a thriving clientele, no doubt all breast-men lined up in the morning for their caffeine and cleavage fix. (Please note the nipple rings. Girls get those for the stimulation as well as the decoration.) What other things does Anastaisa like? "I like getting spanked," she says. "I masturbate twice a day. I like to use my right forefinger and use a clockwise motion. I also have a black massager that I really like." She also talked about her sexual fantasies between camera clicks. "They vary from making out with and eating out another girl to watching two men have sex, which is really my secret fantasy but I'm telling you anyway. I have girlfriends that I've made out with, others that I have had oral sex with. Women are so much softer than men." And the first time? "I was 19 years-old and engaged, at that time.
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