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January 2000 Score

We travel to stripper land yet again for this eyefull of Amber Waves. Amber's signed up with Pure Talent, a dancer agency run by Ann Marie Hayek, a former dancer herself. Ann Marie knows talent when she sees it. We know busty bodies when we see them. Therefore, we welcome Amber to SCORELAND with our traditional chicken-choking salute. Who says we don't write classy material here? Before coming over to us, she modeled for biker mag Easyrider. Amber wants to "dance my way across North America and have as much fun as I can while I'm still young enough to enjoy myself." Actually we know plenty of old farts who continue to enjoy themselves. Take our official breast measurer at SCORELAND, "Pops" Nippletti. With shaking hands, Pops records Amber at 40-26-36 and a cup size of 36E. Miss Waves lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia but we couldn't find out if she's a virgin. And neither could Pops. In any event, it's always nice to find a redhead and that makes two this month with Brittany Love.…
Featuring: Amber Waves
Duration: 23
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