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If You Pay Her She Will Cum

Featuring Amber Lynn Bach
Date April 1st, 2009
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Amber Lynn Bach is just like any Florida MILF. She keeps house and likes to cook. She has hobbies, likes sports, the beach, working out, shoe and lingerie shopping, riding her bicycle, scuba diving and other Florida pleasures. She also has a website ( and likes fucking other dudes (besides her husband) and she likes banging other girls, too. While the original MILF, Diane Poppos, only fucked her then-husband, Amber's husband is very understanding and accepting of his wife's yen for different brands of tube steak. So here at Scoreland, Amber emerges out of the woods to meet a friendly man who will pick her up and drive her to his place for a fuck and suck session. She loves making new friends, even if it's only for 20 minutes. One thing about these Florida MILFs is that they're really down to earth.

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