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July 2000 Voluptuous

Amanda joins the ranks of the unbelievable super titter parade, spearheaded by Sammie, Jennie and, as of the May Voluptuous, Chaz, all of them from England. She's 20 years old, born Feb 24, and lives in London, where she read our now infamous English newspaper ad asking for figure models. This notorious classified, which conjures up images of guys with beards and berets industriously sketching models in a sun-windowed loft, is one of the all-time greatest pieces of copywriting, on a par with the "98 lb weakling gets sand kicked in his face" ad Charles Atlas created to sell muscle training books. It's a literal fuckin¹ mammary magnet. Amanda measures a whopping 48-30-38 with a bra size of 40FF. We can hear the hollering now from every quarter of big boob lover's land. Topping it off is Amanda's lovely face. Beautiful! For her occupation, she lists the ubiquitous "office worker," which seems to be interchangeable with "university student." However, we received an email from one of our loyal V Guys in San Diego, California, one "Gypsy Boris," who swears on a stack of Voluptuous and XL magazines that he once worked in an office with Star (from the August '98 issue), so maybe there's something to this office worker stuff after all. Amanda says she likes traveling and posing. Her dislikes: mustard and cold weather.
Featuring: Amanda White
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