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Featuring: Alyson McKenzie
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SCORE: What are the similarities or differences between you and Linsey? Alyson: I'm very submissive and Linsey is very dominant. SCORE: Is Linsey generally more outgoing than you are? Alyson: Yeah, and she's more bossy. SCORE: Do you and Linsey ever go bra shopping together? Alyson: No, not really. I pinch all of her bras. SCORE: We understand that you don't have friction dancing in England. That's horrible. Alyson: No. They're not allowed to touch you and you're not allowed to touch them. If you do, you get the sack. SCORE: Why do so many English models have tattoos on their biceps? Alyson: Probably because that's the place where it least hurts.

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