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Born To Be Naked

We really weren't aching to see Alia wash the ATV, although vehicle washings engineered by hot babes are always a pleasure. We just needed a reason to get outdoors and get Alia's t-shirt sopping wet so we could see through it. (Wet tees are one of the more popular sights on SCORELAND.) "I didn't get these [pointing to her chest] until I was 23, when I was in a serious relationship," Alia said. "Whenever I gain weight, I gain it in my breasts first, and when I lose the weight, they stay. I was like a high C low D until I was about 22. I got up to 135 pounds, which is too skinny for me. I got up to 184, and then I started working out to go to become a cop, but the boobs stayed. And they got bigger." Alia got into stripping (you've seen her SCORELAND pole dancer video) and proved to be a natural at the art of clothing disposal. "A couple of my girlfriends did it. I was bartending at the time and I wanted to buy a car.
Featuring: Alia Janine
Date: September 14th, 2009
Duration: 39
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