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Holiday 2005 Score

SCORE: Are there a lot of busty women in Scotland? Alexis: Yes. We're known for having huge tits, although not as big as mine. Still, I don't get the looks I might otherwise get because there are so many big-busted Scottish women. SCORE: Who has bigger tits, the English women, the Scottish women or the Irish women? Alexis: Oh, definitely the Scottish! I mean, I know Linsey Dawn McKenzie is English, and there are a lot of very big-chested English women, but most Scottish women have big breasts, like a C-cup or larger. SCORE: Does your mother have big boobs, too? Alexis: Yes, very big! Big boobs run in my family. SCORE: How big are your breasts? Alexis: Thirty double-F, UK size. SCORE: What's the difference between UK size and U.S. size? Alexis: I think they're a 32 triple-D in the U.S. I don't know how the measurements are figured out. I just know they're different.
Featuring: Alexis May
Duration: 40
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