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Voluptuous Dressing Room

Featuring: Alexis Love
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April 21, 2016
Wanna play with her
June 03, 2015
Undoubtedly for me the finest woman ever to grace SCORE magazine, and despite the fact she hasn't modelled for nearly 15 years the internet is full of guys who go insane over her - for very obvous reasons. A breathtaking woman in every sense, please SCORE publish All pics / out takes you have of her, I'm absolutely sure you would make a lot of people VERY happy! We can't get enough of her!
January 30, 2015
I'm with seth - I can't believe there aren't more comments! Alexis is one of the original "slim n stacked" naturals and is STILL one of the best. She's short, thin, and has a pair of the most wonderful hanging breasts you will ever see. To watch her walk topless with those beauties swinging and swaying just takes my breath away.
January 24, 2015
so glad to be able to comment here. I love Alexis...take a number right? I am surprised there are so few comments across this gorgeous pioneer model. Stunning. She exudes softness and sophistication in all her still work. A true and real fantasy glimpse a lady of this stature and beauty in real life would be instant hard on clothes, she is super beautiful and curves are timeless and eclectic..she is one of the OG's and started creating a standard of what a TSG model would need to deliver. This model suggest classiness and a wild side we all dream of exhibited in images 17 and fucking sexy top to bottom...classic forever...she could say jump and I would respond accordingly...thanks beautiful.
September 11, 2014
Can't think of a hotter girl than her

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