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November 2005 Score

Featuring: Alexia Moore
Date: November 1st, 2005
Photos: 40
The worst attempt at a pick-up line Alexia Moore ever heard was one of the worst pick-up lines ever created, probably during a severe case of beer overdose: "Are you a screen door? I want to slam you." This line would not work on a street hooker, even with a hundred dollar bill in hand. This is the kind of line a guy would say when he thought he had no chance whatsoever and just resorts to a cocky-funny insult. Although Alexia did think it was funny, the guy's fate was sealed. A better approach would have been to talk about big tits, in the third person. Alexia has a breast fetish and in her sexual fantasy, she has the biggest chest in the world, shredding sweaters and halter tops in record time. .

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