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Alana often comments on the SCORELAND blog. This is the second pictorial for the California webcammer who shocked us by saying that she rarely gets tit-fucked. With boobs like hers that have fantastic, very prominent pointy nipples, they seem destined to receive a lot of cum baths but that's not the case. She does get a lot of attention anyway. "The last time I was in the airport, security guards flagged me and questioned me about 'why I was going to Miami' but I don't think it had anything to do with my boobs. Blondes with fair skin always get flagged as a terrorists, right?" She's lucky she wasn't patted down. Many hot babes get that. Alana describes her personality as "85% neutral, 10% dominant and 5% submissive. I am a pretty easygoing person in general and in bed I don't consider myself to be a dom but I am not submissive at all." What makes her nipples hard? "Everything. They are very sensitive.
Featuring: Alana Anderson
Date: January 12th, 2011
Duration: 80

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Thank you for Alana! She is the first Score model I've seen who lactates! I saw two drops in this photo set: #24 and #37. I agree with her about modern porn, and liked 1970s and early 1980s porn much more.
7 years ago 
thanks score for alana. i hope you have her in score again soon i love alana. bond and beautiful great pictures.
7 years ago 
I so agree with Alana about porn. Porn today is way too mechanical and lacks the eroticism as in the film RISKY BUSINESS when Joes encounters his dream blonde call girl when his parents are away.

Alana has the right attitude of men towards women in that we should view them as works of art to be admired and respected, feeling lucky if we ever get the chance to be in their presence.

My favorite pic is this one below because it makes me want to plant my little America flag in her cleavage, salute, and sing the Star Spangled Banner for letting me do my patriotic duty as a breastman.

Thank you, Alana, for sharing your beauty with us admiring breastmen!
7 years ago 
OMG I am SO in love with Alana! Put me on the list to assist her with the boy-
girl scene should she decide to shoot it. Dreamy would be fine with me!
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