Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous July 2006

Voluptuous July 2006

Featuring Alana Ambrose
Date July 1st, 2006
Photos 40
Speaking of kinky, shiny boots, Essex girl Alana Ambrose wears them with the objective of provoking a hard response. Moving on up, Alana's favorite bras are demi-cups and she likes wearing Charnos and Triumph brands. "I always make sure I am properly fitted before I buy or order any brassieres. I've made the mistake of buying bras that did not wear well on me after wearing them for a few hours. One of the worst feelings for a girl with big boobs is to feel those bra straps digging into your shoulders. I won't buy a bra unless I've been properly fitted. It's worth the wait and extra expense. That's why I'm very reluctant to buy on-line." .

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