Big Boob Photos » September 2003 Voluptuous - Adrianna

September 2003 Voluptuous - Adrianna

"Why did I get tongue jewelry?" asks new discovery Adrianna from the Czech Republic? "To give more pleasure to a man when I give him sex with my mouth." Good answer. The Czech Republic has two great things going for it. Beer and babes. Adrianna is the latest in a wave of V-Mag models from eastern Europe, primarily the Czech Republic. She won't be the last. Will the US and the UK get their asses kicked in the output of full-busted girls by this little country? A slew of photographers have descended on this nation in search of hot women and they're finding them in every category, from big tits to teens. Adrianna weighs 138 lbs., stands 5'4", and measures 42-28-38. She's 22, born June 6, 1981. It's only natural that we'd find her.
Featuring: Adrianna
Duration: 26
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